Ashley Johnson


Ashley Johnson graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Rockford University where she studied studio art, psychology, and art history. She continued her education at Adler University and obtained a Master of Art in Counseling and Art Therapy. Her master thesis focuses on how art therapy can reduce anxiety and improve the lives of older adults. She has spent a considerable amount of time working with the geriatric population, focusing on everyday anxieties, physical decline, grief, and end of life issues. She also works closely with children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and interpersonal relationships. Combining traditional talk therapy with art therapy, Ashley assists her clients in identifying the issues that initiated counseling and possible solutions. Her use of art making within sessions allows clients to express themselves creatively and provides clarity that words may not offer. Ashley creates a warm, nonjudgmental space for her clients to explore different sides of their personality in an effort to find an authentic and healthy way of life.