Counseling Associates of Rockford accepts most major insurance plans. Beginning in 2010, for major companies in the state of Illinois, mental health benefits must be covered at the same level as general medical health care benefits.

Following are some insurance guidelines that may apply to your coverage:

Your insurance company may require pre-authorization prior to treatment. To insure that your insurance plan covers a particular clinician, please call the 800 number on the back of your insurance card. At the time of referral, please have your insurance information available for our office manager. We do check benefits; however, we may need your assistance in this process. Many mental health insurance plans are managed by a third party or “managed care company”. In these cases, releases of information must be signed between the client, clinician and managed care company before information can be released or exchanged. The managed care company pays the clinician directly for mental health services rather than the insurance company. At times a clinician may not be listed as a provider on a particular insurance plan, but may be covered under the third party. That is why it is important to call the 800 number prior to making your first appointment.

For some clients, an employee assistance program may be available through your insurance plan. If so, you may have a certain number of sessions that are covered in full by the EAP. Once these sessions are exhausted the client is then responsible for their co-pay.

If you are covered under a primary and secondary insurance, we need to be informed of that at the time of referral. This will insure correct and timely filing of your claims. At times your insurance company may request additional information from you, such as a Coordination of Benefits form. We would appreciate it if this information could be provided to the requesting insurance company immediately upon request so there can be timely processing of your claims.

Lastly, please bring your insurance card(s) to your first appointment so that we may make a copy for our files. Please notify us immediately if there is a change in your insurance coverage, such as changing companies at the time of open enrollment or if you have already exhausted your coverage with another provider.

We hope this insurance summary helps to explain our coverage at Counseling Associates of Rockford. If you have any specific questions, please contact our office manager, Cindy Hewer, at (815) 398-7000.